Write an Essay: Smoking as a Psychological Habit

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that people around the globe undertake while overlooking the dangers. In the case above it is clear that, Gail’s paternal grandmother died as a result of a heart attack. It is evident that she was a habitual smoker of tobacco and this played a key role in accelerating her heart attack. Lung cancer is the other discovery made about his grandmother at her time of death. It is clear in this case that the various complications that developed over time were caused by tobacco smoking.


Smoking being a dangerous activity for one to participate in causes several preventable diseases although heart disease is the most common. Smoking tobacco tends to harm all parts of the body including the heart with responsibility to pump blood around the body (Alexandrov, et al, 620). One of the major effects of smoking is blockage and narrowing of arteries. The effects tend to come after a period of time as one starts to strain while breathing. Heart disease is a preventable disease that can be avoided if one quits smoking. One of the short term goals a smoker should have is reducing the amount smoked in a day. The ultimate goal in such a situation is completely quitting smoking.

Medical personnel play a huge role in seeking ways to overcome bad habits that one may develop such as smoking. It is hence important for one to have a clear plan through which the habit is replaced. Behavioral therapy is one of the most effective ways through which one can quit smoking (Jha, and Richard, 64). In many cases one may seek ways of quitting smoking without outside help although ineffective. It is hence for this reason that, Behavioral therapy is done to ensure one overcomes smoking.


Smoking is a habit that one acquires over time, hence the need to seek professional help while quitting. Behavioral therapy depends on a routine established by a therapist in a bid to overcome nicotine addiction. The first step is identifying the various triggers that pushes one to smoke. The triggers in most cases are psychological hence important to identify the weaknesses. The therapist in this case is likely to offer solutions to the victim on ways to overcome the cravings. Behavioral therapy is the most successful way through which one may overcome smoking (US Department of Health and Human Services, 3).

Behavioral therapy is one of the most effective ways through which one can overcome smoking although one needs to reevaluate progress. The process might take a lot of time hence important to have a chart to record progress. It is important to note the various periods that the urge grew than other times. It is possible to identify the various periods that it became difficult to overcome the urge. It is by identifying the various periods that one may improve by replacing time spent while smoking. The process might be difficult although with necessary help it is possible to overcome the habit.


In the end it is clear that, various smoking being an acquired habit is possible to overcome with help. Smoking is the leading cause of heart diseases that develop overtime and other complications in the body. It is important to seek help at the earliest stage possible in a bid to overcome resulting problems. It is also important to seek ways of evaluating progress made while seeking counseling help.